Meet Todd

Todd Duff is the founder and CEO of Innovations Branding House, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning marketing firm. As a lifetime entrepreneur, practitioner of close-up magic and an avid photographer, Todd is a firm believer in the power of transformation.
Todd Duff

Todd’s fascination with the transformative process came at an early age. Today, his passion is in seeing the potential for businesses to be the absolute best versions of themselves, and then helping them undertake the transformation necessary to make it happen.

His interest in this transformation permeates all of the interests he’s taken up, both on a personal and professional scale. As a photographer, he has a keen eye for how light can transform a scene.

As a hobbyist, he’s enthralled with the process of transforming an old, forgotten relic of the past, like a century old pinball machine (or twenty) and the tanker style desks you’ll find scattered about his business into a beautiful and functional object of the present. Seriously, his pinball room could rival any arcade.

As a business owner, his truest passion is in seeing the potential in brands and businesses and then transforming them into the best versions of themselves. For more than 20 years Todd has been helping businesses lean into their strengths and grow through a whole lot of marketing and a little self-discovery.

Whether he’s helping businesses realize their fullest potential through marketing at Innovations, or embracing his role as a keynote speaker at events and trade shows, Todd’s goal is analyze, assess and improve. It also goes without saying that he’ll do his best to keep everyone entertained along the way.

He restores. He creates. He improvises and he innovates. And it all began out of the disdain he felt at the thought of having to write a resume after college.

Aside from talking shop and entertaining, Todd also loves cracking open a fresh deck of playing cards, enjoying a finely crafted cocktail with his wife Laura and succumbing to the demands of their cat, and head of the household, Herbie.