Transforming Culture into Business Success

One part entertainment, one part education and a whole lot to chew on: Todd mixes his love for sleight of hand magic with his passion for transforming businesses to serve you a healthy plate of food for thought.


From an early age, Todd was fascinated with the idea of transformation. His earliest memory of this obsession was in the way a train could flatten a penny if you set it in its tracks. His second earliest memory of that obsession was realizing that his classmates and teachers would trade a quarter for a penny.

In hindsight, it might’ve been this coin “trick” that piqued Todd’s interest in magic. After taking up an interest in sleight of hand magic not too long after, he began practicing with coins, playing cards and other simple props and created his own magic show. He worked on it all throughout high school and college, and still, to this day, performs his craft for anyone and everyone. His employees, the table next to him at any of his favorite restaurants and even on stage in front of a captive audience there to learn about a completely different topic.

Todd loves to bring his love of magic to the presentation stage. Not only does it add an extra layer of entertainment and intrigue to the talk, but it is also a tool he utilizes to illustrate the connection between people, culture and marketing your brand in the most effective way to create growth for your business.

As a keynote speaker, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge rooted in motivational business tactics that lead to company growth. Whether it is a community event or a trade show, Todd’s brand of “infotainment” will leave attendees inspired about the possibilities of growth in both personal and professional applications.

Todd Duff

That being said, his presentation is not just for business owners. It is for anyone and everyone who has an interest in expanding their perspective (and perhaps a good laugh or two) while learning about growth in both their personal and professional lives.

Todd typically speaks to one of two different groups or businesses. The first group knows that company culture is important, but doesn’t really know how to harness the strengths of that culture to leverage it in business. The second group might have a better understanding of their culture, but just lacks the knowledge to convert that culture to strengthen their brand and drive business.

In this presentation, Todd is able to connect those dots in a way that is entertaining, memorable and ultimately, transformative. By incorporating his talent for sleight of hand trickery, this interactive experience is anything but your typical speaking event.

Culture is the most important aspect of Business Growth

Find Your True Culture

Tap Into Your Fullest Potential

Build A Better Brand

Obtain understanding on how it all connects

Todd's speaking engagements


Sandra Wilson

“Todd Duff entertained more than 800 attendees at our Paducah Chamber Annual Meeting and Business Celebration as one of our co-hosts.He guided our program through many thank you remarks, business introductions and award presentations with ease and humor.When you get Todd, you can also count on getting some “extra entertainment” as his ability to mix his awesome magic with his emceeing will keep your audience on the edge of their seats waiting for more.”

Sandra Wilson

Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce

Tamela Darnell

“From our first contact, Todd was really easy to work with. I had reached out to him to be a speaker for our Innovate + Caffeinate Speaker Series. When it was time for our event, he was very energetic and entertaining, so much so, I recommended him for another speaking engagement with a partner organization!”

Tamela Darnell

Murray-Calloway Innovate+Caffeinate

Melinda Winchester

“I knew Todd was talented in the marketing world, but he showed me another level of his talent/expertise that day. He took a theater of business leaders and had them in stitches over how he was performing some of his magic tricks. But, even better, they stayed engaged with each point he made about the importance of brand, punctuated by another sleight of hand trick.”

Melinda Winchester

former Paducah Main Street Director


“Todd’s unique style, incorporates his professional magic skills into an entertaining, energetic presentation of marketing concepts.”

Stacy Overby

First Kentucky Bank

Chris Sims

“Todd is fantastic.  Super engaging with the audience and incredibly talented.  He should be at the top of your list when looking for a “Magical” event!”

Chris Sims

Edward Jones

Todd at a 101 Series session

“We honestly weren’t expecting to pack the room, but packed it was! Todd connected with every age that attended this 101 Series session. He even went so far as to check out books from our library and teach the audience a new trick, right there. It wasn’t just a magic show, it was an interactive experience where kids and adults alike left not only in awe but inspired to pick up a book themselves.”

Bobbie Wrinkle

McCracken County Public Library

“Todd Duff’s magical talents add a captivating and unique element to your party, enchanting guests with mystifying tricks and illusions. Beyond entertainment, incorporating his magic creates a memorable way to raise awareness for the business, leaving a lasting impression on attendees about the importance of physical well-being. Todd Duff’s magical prowess becomes a powerful tool to seamlessly blend entertainment and small business promotion at your event.”

Angie Fisk

Marketing Consultant

Sound Good?